Executive Leadership and Team Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

successeffective leadershipcoaching dance floor

On the dance floor of a coaching conversation there is continual movement – backwards, to the places where old patterns of thinking, behaving and relating were forged; in the centre of the present moment with its challenges and opportunities; and forwards in the direction of the vision which will transform the lives of individuals and organizations.

What is coaching?

” Coaching is about creating change that helps enhance performance and learning. Coaching emphasizes new competencies, learning and goal attainment. A coach is a personal navigator for the journey of life, focusing on what the clients want.” (Comensa)

What motivates me to coach leaders?

As a leadership coach working in corporate environments, education and NGO’s, I am inspired by the transformation of leaders who have committed to a coaching process which empowers them to actualize their potential, drive and manage change and create the environment for others to make their unique contribution.

What can leadership coaching do for you as a leader

  • Provide a confidential thinking and accountability partnership which gives you, the leader, the space to think through your most testing business challenges and find elegant solutions. Coaching is about helping leaders find their purpose, create and articulate their vision, and take decisive action which will impact deeply on their organizations and the people they serve.
  • Empower you to think through your own leadership style and to make the adjustments which you believe are necessary to suit any particular group or situation.
  • Enable you to map a way forward which embraces the strengths and empowers the less developed areas of your team members and yourself. The process will sharpen your already developed leadership skills and provide the environment for others to emerge..
  • Empower you to identify and shift patterns of thinking within yourself as a leader and within the organization which could impede forward movement.
  • Resource you  to embrace change and transition smoothly through each adjustment. This is particularly helpful for leaders new to an organization or team, or new to the position of manager or director.
  • Grow big picture thinking and  make decisions in the present which will support the long term vision and sustainability of the organisation as well as your personal vision for your life.
  • Equip you with coaching models and tools for growth, development and managing the complex demands of leadership. Coaching provides a development focus for new competencies, qualities and ways of being.
  • Nurture your potential, putting you in touch with your unique strengths, and empowering you to move from where you are to where you would like to be.

 Team coaching

team work
I work with teams on their individual and corporate strengths as well as their identified areas of development. Where teams are being impacted on by significant change we follow a process which allows individuals and teams to make the transitions which will bring transformation and sustainable change. Change is transformed from a potential obstacle into an opportunity for growth.

How does the coaching process work? The following are the typical steps:

  1. Match: We meet for a one hour face to face or skype conversation to assess your unique situation and for you to determine if I am the right coach for you.

  2. Contract: Following the match we enter into a formal coaching agreement which outlines the parameters of the work, including the desired outcomes and the roles and responsibilities of me, the coach and you, the client.

  3. Coach: We meet(face to face or skype) for approximately seven one hour sessions sessions of confidential, focused and results oriented coaching sessions over a period of six months. During this time you clarify your vision for this season of your life , set inspiring goals and create and implement strategies and action plans which will enable you to actualize that vision.

  4. Review: Mid way and at the end there will be an opportunity to evaluate your successes and determine your next steps.

Juliette’s Qualifications:

  • Facilitator Development Programme (Footsteps) 2016
  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) 2015
  •  Credentialised Coach Practitioner (Comensa) 2015
  • Evaluator for the Comensa coach certification process (Comensa) 2015
  • Accredited Enneagram Practitioner (Integrative Enneagram Solutions) 2015
  • Fundamentals of Team Coaching(Pro Coaching) 2013
  • Career Coaching: Advanced Training For Coaches(Career Management Academy) 2012
  • Strong Life Effectiveness and Uniqueness Coach Training, using the Gallup Strenghfinder 2.0. assessment as a point of departure (Seelearndo) 2011
  • Accredited Workplace Results Coach (Results Coaching Systems) 2009
  • Coaching to Excellence(Centre for Coaching, affiliated with the UCT Business School)2008
  • Cape Cod Training Programme, grounded in Gestalt Psychology and used in working with organizations (Gestalt International Study Center, Cape Cod, Massachussetts) 2007
  • Life Line Counselling Skills and Personal Growth Training(Lifeline) 2002
  • Higher Diploma of Education (UPE) 1987
  • Bachelor of Art degree (UPE) 1986

How do you start?

You can call me, Juliette Gyure, on 072 635 3818, email juliettegyure@gmail.com or fill in the contact form below:



For more information on the range of services offered by  Far Sight Coaching, call Juliette Gyure on 072 635 3818 or email juliettegyure@gmail.com. You can also connect with me on Linked In or Skype (jmgyure)

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