Life and career coaching

” Tell me, what is it you want to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

If you’re viewing this, chances are that for you something is changing or needs to change. You might be undergoing changes in your work or career, relationships), geographical location, life stage (marriage, university, empty nest, retirement) or simply a general life direction

Life and career coaching will equip you with models and tools for making changes in your personal and professional life and empower you to clarify your thinking around key decisions. It will also crystallise your personal vision and mission for this stage of your life. If a new career is needed coaching can help manifest that career by enabling you to develop a plan for yourself with achievable and inspiring goals. Coaching helps to identify and overcome obstacles preventing growth while providing a nurturing environment for you to dream big and grow into the fullness of your potential.

” My passion for life and career coaching stems from my own significant life transition process which strengthens my desire  to support and empower  people to make the changes  they want in order to live the “wild and precious life” which is theirs to live.  ”

 Juliette Gyure, Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation; credentialed Comensa Coach Practitioner; Integrative Enneagram Practitioner.


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